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Building a website? Read this article and discover some professional and extraordinary photography website templates and themes you can use!

If you are looking to find the best options for setting up your photography website, look no further as you have come to the right place!

In this article, we are going to present you the best photography websites templates, themes, and solutions. All of our recommendations go well beyond website templates. They are more accurately and extraordinary photography website solution.

Usually, all photographers are looking for the same things – beautiful home and landing page, a nice overall design, gallery management, blogging, and e-commerce. We have determined which solutions offer which features and options. For instance, some templates don’t come with blogs and other templates don’t come with an e-commerce solution, some are based on WordPress, some are flash, and etc. There are various options for various needs!

We divide our choices into two groups: Shopify and WordPress themes for photographers and fully hosted website solutions for photographers!..

  1. Shopify and WordPress Themes for Photographers – We all know that these are one of the most popular platform for websites in the world. Here are some of the templates you can install on your self-hosted WordPress site – Photocrati, Landscape, PixelHappy, DeepFocus, Statua, Photoland, PhotoNexus, Village, Photorific, Kin, Zoom, ViewFinder, and etc. 
  2. Fully Hosted Website Solutions for Photographers – These solutions are recommended if you are willing to give up some control. Here are some options you can use: Photography Blog Sites, PhotoMerchant, Photoshelter, and etc.
  • Photocrati – This solution makes a powerful and single WordPress themes for photographers only. It comes with built-in gallery management, 60 plus built-in styles, and built-in e-commerce. This is one of the best options that offer built-in e-commerce galleries.
  • Studiopress Landscape – This is a classic and older photography website template. It is one of the best known and most established WordPress themes.
  • PixelHappy – This is a very nice looking and amazing single column blogging template. The one-column templates are very popular these days, especially among the wedding photographers. This theme is based on Pixel Happy and it is a suitable option for sharing traditional photo blogging.
  • Deep Focus – If you are looking for a stylish, simple, and photographer-friendly template, look no further as this is the perfect one for you. This template is from ElegantThemes, a very popular theme maker. Besides this theme, they have other popular solutions as well. The best thing about ElegantThemes is that if you decide to pay $39, you will get instant access to all of their themes.
  • Woothemes Statua – Statua is a very popular photographer-centric template from the well-known theme maker WooThemes. Even though the template is basic, it is very appealing. Most WooThemes are magazine or business style, however, this one is an exception – it is one of their first photographer-focused templates.
  • Photoland – This is a special offer from WPZoom. Another basic but very powerful website template for photographers with a basic home page layout.
  • Photoshelter – If you need a fully hosted solution for photographers, take advantage of Photoshelter’s powerful platform for photographers. You can decide whether you want to use your own design, their designs or a WordPress theme.
  • Photography Blog Sites – You can take advantage of SmugMug’s solid commerce platform for photographers by using a WordPress theme. The theme is with two-way sync design capability.
  • Photomerchant – This template is ideal for photographers who are looking for a fully hosted solution. It is a SEO friendly and a custom commerce platform for photographers.

Check all of these options, templates, solutions, and themes, and pick your favorite one, the one that will suit your needs the most!


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